hi! i'm 25 and i have been on the internet for so long that it's literally my job now, no lie (i design and build web applications irl!)

i tweet a lot about:

this list is absolutely not comprehensive


i have some stuff hosted for twitter people here: t.A.T.u. single sorter depeche mode single sorter


every now and again i will make an edit for fun, these are some that i've done: t.A.T.u. LI/D&M era live moments t.A.T.u. 2nd and 3rd album era music videos t.A.T.u. 200PV/ITWL era martin gore and dave gahan stage presence


threads i have started and probably have not finished Rating Every Song in t.A.T.u.'s Discography 31 Day t.A.T.u. challenge